Why Hydroculture?

Growing up my family had a garden in our backyard. I remember spending hours during the summer tilling, weeding, harvesting our vegetables. I hated weeding but overall the hard work felt good. As an adult I wanted to have a garden but ran into a couple of obstacles. First, our yard doesn’t really give us a spot to have a garden. Also between our work schedule, sports and other kids activities, we don’t have the time to maintain a quality garden.

One night while looking on the internet at gardening ideas, I came across some hydroponic vegetable gardens. As someone who likes to include a little wow factor, this was the answer to my problems.

How to grow hydroponic lettuceWith my hydroponic systems I’m able to grow in a small area with little maintenance and extend harvest time. With indoor hydroponic vegetable gardens you have to worry less about pests and disease, so often times no chemicals are used. The vegetables grow faster, plants are more healthy since they are getting exactly what they need. One of the best parts, I don’t have to do any weeding.

Why No Soil Solutions?

When I first started learning about hydroponics I was a little intimidated. There are many books, videos, and articles that I read about hydroponics that were very technical. I found it a little hard to understand. As I continued to learn, experiment and grow I learned that hydroponics really isn’t that difficult.

Plants needs some basic things to survive, and if your meet those requirements, it will grow to be healthy. I found methods that worked for me and wanted to keep track of exactly how to do things without going back and reading through all the extra stuff. I’ve created No Soil Solutions to provide information on simple how to hydroponics.