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New to Hyrdoroponics


Hey everyone!

Great site btw!  I am very new to Hydroponics, but have been dirt gardening with starting my own seeds for years.  I would like to bring in some pepper plants and transport them to this indoor solution for our Iowa winter, as well as grow some lettuce, etc for my family using hydroponics.  There is soooo much information out there on Pinterest, etc so I am just searching for some advice from someone with a little experience in this area.  I have a 10 gallon tote that I bought that I plan to put Netty cups in to start, but I've read a pump is needed, etc.

Thanks very much everyone, & Peace!

Todd Dooley



Thanks for stopping by the site! Sounds like you have a good start towards a DWC tote system. Now you will just need to get:

  • an aquarium air pump
  • air hose
  • check valve
  • air stone (or two)
  • those net pots and some grow medium

It's a similar concept to the 5-gallon bucket system. Keep us updated and post some pictures when you get a chance!