How Much Does A Hydroponic System Cost?

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When it comes to starting hydroponic gardening as a hobby, the question I get asked the most is how much do hydroponic systems cost. The best answer, is as much as you want to spend. While you could save a little money and build your own, it’s often times more convenient, and more maybe more affordable, to just purchase a hydroponic system instead of tracking down the different parts and supplies.

Hydroponic systems for every budget

Cheap Hydroponic System Options

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive hydroponic system to do hydroponics. There are several options when looking for cheap hydroponic systems under $100. Low-cost hydroponic systems are great for those just learning hydroponics or only have a small area for a garden.

Though these systems are cheap, it doesn’t mean they won’t work well. These systems are simple to use and produce great results. Buying a cheap hydroponic system also doesn’t mean that you will only be able to grow a few plants. Some systems like, like a compact nft system, can grow many plants at a time. It is easy to find these cheap systems, just check out the ones below.

There are also those small countertop herb gardens that you often find in box stores. If you’re not looking to take up hydroponics as a hobby, more just looking to have some fresh herbs or lettuce to add to your meals, then these set and forget hydroponic gardens may be what you’re looking for.

Affordable Hydroponic System Options

Spending anywhere from $100-$400 gets you into the next category of hydroponic systems. Budget-friendly and more realistic with cost vs harvest. These systems often give you more options, allow you to grow more, and oftentimes have features making them easier to use.

I would recommend affordable hydroponics systems for the average hobby gardener. They are reliable, well-designed systems that allow you to continue learning and experimenting with hydroponics in your spare time.

Elite hydroponics Systems Options

The next level is what I like to call the elite hydroponic systems. These systems are the ones that typically cost more than $400. While not realistic for many hobby gardeners, it never hurts to have goals right?

Hydroponic systems of this category can look amazing, produce a lot or focus heavily on the ease of use. Some are all three.

In Conclusion…

While the upfront cost is typically more with hydroponic gardening compared to soil, over the long-term, hydroponic gardens can be more cost-efficient, produce better results, and there is no weeding! The hydroponic system itself is a one time purchase that if taken care of, will last a long time.

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