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7 Different Hydroponic Grow Mediums

Many different types of grow medium can be used in hydroponics.  There really is no right answer to the question of what hydroponic grow medium works the best. It varies…

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Since there are many different options when it comes to hydroponic systems, it can be hard to decide what method may work best for your hydroponic garden. Some hydroponic systems…

Hydropnic Tomato Roots

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil, instead using nutrient rich water. Often times a grow medium is used to stabilize the root system, anchoring the plant. Roots…

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Cucumbers don’t last long around our house. We use them in many different kinds meals, salads, and snacks, my favorite being bread and butter pickles. Hydroponic cucumbers are easy to…

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I can bet that grow room glasses are not at the top of anyone’s shopping list when putting together their grow room, though they probably should be. We only get one…