The Role Of Nitrogen In Hydroponic Gardening

Learn Hydroponics

I’m the type of person who likes to learn things without a lot of fluff. When I first started hydroponic gardening I had trouble finding straightforward information in one area that is easily digestible for a beginner. There is a lot of contradicting information and advice, as well as a massive number of vague products.

It took a lot of cross-analyzing information, time, and mistakes, not to mention a lot of wasted money to figure out what I was doing wrong, as well as what I was doing right.

Do you just want the fast track to learning hydroponics? You’re in luck…

I can teach you everything you need to know, including:

  • Different hydroponic systems

  • How to build a few simple hydroponic systems

  • Common hydroponic tools

  • How to assemble a grow room

  • Grow medium

  • pH

  • Temperature requirements

  • Plant spacing

  • Seed & cloning propagation

  • Seedling nutrient requirements

  • Vegetative nutrient requirements

  • Flowering/fruiting nutrient requirements

  • Common hydroponic pests

  • How to grow different hydroponic produce


Crash Course


  • One hour crash course

  • 1v1 live video format

  • Learn fast!

 Full Course



  • 2 hour hydroponics course

  • 1v1 live video format

  • 2- 30 minute follow up calls

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Fill out the form below. I want to know about your hydroponic journey, both struggles and successes! Let me know the plan you’re interested in and your goals so we can achieve them!

Step 2. We set up a free 15-20 minute discovery call to identify how I can help with your hydroponic learning. We can then set up a time for your first class!

Step 3. You learn hydroponics fast! We step up a video call to save you time, money, get you growing, and most importantly HARVESTING!

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