How Much Does A Hydroponic System Cost?

Hydroponic Systems for Every Budget

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When it comes to starting hydroponic gardening as a hobby, a question I get asked a lot is “How much does a hydroponic system cost?”. The best answer is as much as you want to spend. While you could build your own, it’s oftentimes more convenient and sometimes more affordable to just purchase a hydroponic system instead of tracking down the different parts and tools.

To save you some time I’ve gathered a few different hydroponic system options for every budget!

Hydroponic systems for every budget

Budget Hydroponic Systems

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive hydroponic system to start a hydroponic garden, There are several options when looking for cheap hydroponic systems under $150. Low-cost hydroponic systems are great for those just learning hydroponics or who only have a small area for a garden. Though these systems are cheap, it doesn’t mean they won’t work well! Cheap hydroponics systems can be simple to use and produce great results.

Buying a cheap hydroponic system also doesn’t mean that you can only grow a few plants. Some hydroponic systems like the compact NFT system below can grow many plants at a time.

Hydroponic Systems Under $150

DWC Hydroponic Bucket

The DWC hydroponic bucket is a classic single-plant hydroponic system. It works great for growing plants that have large root systems and produce a lot of fruit.

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Multi Bucket DWC System

The hydroponic bucket shown above is easily customizable to add more plants; this one grows six.

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Vivosun NFT Hydroponic System

NFT hydroponic systems allow you to grow many plants in a small space. This Vivosun hydroponic system can grow up to 32. These systems are perfect for leafy greens or other small-rooted, lightweight plants.

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Aerogarden Harvest

If you’re not looking to take up hydroponics as a hobby, more just looking to have some fresh herbs to add to your meals, this starter countertop garden may be just up your alley. This system is great for learning about hydroponics and makes a great gift!

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Hobby Hydroponic Systems

The next category of hydroponic systems is the $150-$400 range. These systems are typically for the hobby hydroponic grower who is more serious about their hydroponic gardening.

Spending a little more on a hydroponic system can often offer more features, better design or durability, or allow you to grow more.

Hydroponic Systems Under $450

Mr. Stacky Tower Garden

This tower garden allows you to grow 20 plants in roughly a 2ft by 2ft area. The kit comes with everything you need to get started growing along with a growing guide and online chat support.

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AeroGarden Bounty Elite

This Aerogarden version has several cool features like wifi capability, is Alexa compatibility, and displaying your garden statistics. It’s stainless steel adding a classy look to your countertop while growing up to 9 plants

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Rise Gardens Personal Garden

This hydroponic garden kit has everything you need to get started! The kit includes starter trays, seed pods, and 8 weeks’ worth of nutrients. The hydroponic system can be controlled by a phone app and has a built-in LED grow light.

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Foody 12 – Vertical Hydroponic Garden

This vertical hydroponic system from foody stands at 3ft 8 inches tall and can grow up to 12 plants. The hydroponic system comes with a kit that includes everything you need to get started growing.

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Upscale Hydroponics Systems Options

The next level is what I like to call the upscale hydroponic systems. These systems are the ones that cost more than $400.

Hydroponic systems of this category can look amazing, produce a lot, or focus heavily on ease of use. Some are all three. If you’re serious about growing your produce with the most automation and ease, these systems are your go-to.

Hydroponic Systems Over $450

Aerogarden Farm

Aerogarden doesn’t only make countertop systems! This Aerogarden can grow up to 24 plants and has an adjustable grow height of 24 inches. The system is wifi enabled and can be paired with the Aerogarden app.

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Lettuce Grow Farmstand

This farmstand system is a vertical hydroponic system standing 4ft 7 inches with the ability to grow up to 20 plants at a time. The system has built-in LED lights and comes with everything you need to get growing.

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Indoor Vertical Tower Garden 2.0 

This vertical hydroponics system can grow up to 70 plants at one time! It’s a 5 piece kit that includes LED lights that surround the tower.

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Gardyn 3.o Hydroponics Growing System

The Gardyn hydroponic system can grow up to 30 plants but only takes up 2 sqft of space! My favorite part of this system is its AI integration claim, which through the help of cameras and sensors, analyzes your garden to walk you through the grow, no green thumb required!

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In Conclusion…

While the upfront cost is typically more with hydroponic gardening compared to soil, over the long-term, hydroponic gardens can be more cost-efficient, produce better results, and there is no weeding! The hydroponic system itself is a one-time purchase that if taken care of, will last you many years of growing.

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