How Much Does A Hydroponic System Cost?

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When it comes to starting hydroponic gardening as a hobby, the question I get asked the most is “how much do hydroponic systems cost?”. The best answer is as much as you want to spend. While you could build your own, it’s often times more convenient and sometimes more affordable, to just purchase a hydroponic system instead of tracking down the different parts and supplies.

Hydroponic systems for every budget

Budget Hydroponic Systems

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive hydroponic system to do hydroponics. There are several options when looking for cheap hydroponic systems under $150. Low-cost hydroponic systems are great for those just learning hydroponics or only have a small area for a garden. Though these systems are cheap, it doesn’t mean they won’t work well. Cheap hydroponics systems can be simple to use and produce great results.

Buying a cheap hydroponic system also doesn’t mean that you can only grow a few plants. Some hydroponic systems like the compact NFT system below can grow many plants at a time.

Hydroponic Systems Under $150

DWC Hydroponic Bucket

The DWC hydroponic bucket is a classic single plant hydroponic system. It works great for growing plants that have large root systems and produce a lot of fruit.

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Multi Bucket DWC System

The hydroponic bucket shown above is easily also customizable to add more plants; this one grows six.

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NFT System

NFT hydroponic systems allow you to grow a lot of plants in a small area; this one grows 72. These systems are perfect for leafy greens or other small rooted, lightweight plants.

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DWC Tub System

This DWC tub system is a similar concept to the 5 gallon bucket but allows you to grow more plants without having to find space for more buckets.

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AeroGarden Sprout LED

If you’re not looking to take up hydroponics as a hobby, more just looking to have some fresh herbs to add to your meals, then these countertop gardens may be more up your alley.

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Hobby Hydroponic Systems

The next category of hydroponic systems is the $150-$400 gets you into the next category of hydroponic systems. These are systems are typically for the hobby hydroponic grower that is more serious about their hydroponics.   Spending a little more on a hydroponic system can often offer more features, better design or durability, and allow you to grow more.

Hydroponic Systems Under $450

Viagro Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System

Ebb and flow systems are one of my favorite methods of hydroponics especially with a system like this.

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Mr. Stacky Tower Garden

This tower garden allows you to grow 20 plants in roughly a 2ft by 2ft area. I think this system would be great

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AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

This compact Aerogarden grows leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables on your countertop. It comes with an LCD display, LED lighting and has rave reviews.

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General Hydroponics 706721 EcoGrower

This hydroponic system by general hydroponics is set up with drip emitters for 6 plants

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Foody 12 – Vertical Hydroponic Garden

This vertical hydroponic garden takes up roughly 4 sqft and can grow up to 44 plants. It automatically rotates to make sure all plants are receiving adequate light.

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Upscale hydroponics Systems Options

The next level is what I like to call the upscale hydroponic systems. These systems are the ones that typically cost more than $400. While not realistic for many hobby gardeners, it never hurts to have goals right?

Hydroponic systems of this category can look amazing, produce a lot or focus heavily on the ease of use. Some are all three.

Hydroponic Systems Over $450

Cloudponics GroBox

This hydroponics system is the most expensive on the list, but it’s fun to dream right? This system is fully automated and can be controlled by an app. This is the ultimate indoor hydroponics system for those that love the rewards of hydroponics without the work.

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AeroGarden Farm

This is hydroponic system is a little big for the counter but still small enough to fit in your kitchen. It grows up to 24 plants in groups of twelve, allowing you to grow both leafy greens and fruiting plants in one area.

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Opcom Vertical Hydroponic Wall

This hydroponic system turns your wall into a 75 plant garden.

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AeroFlo 30 Hydroponic System

This system is made by General Hydroponics so you know you’re getting a quality hydroponic system. It measures in at 7ft in length and grows 30 plants.

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Active Aqua Grow Flow

This hydroponic system comes with pots for 12 large plants but is expandable up to 48 plants. It gives you the room to move around your plants and ability to add and remove plants from the system throughout their growing cycles.

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In Conclusion…

While the upfront cost is typically more with hydroponic gardening compared to soil, over the long-term, hydroponic gardens can be more cost-efficient, produce better results, and there is no weeding! The hydroponic system itself is a one time purchase that if taken care of, will last you many years of growing.

2 Answers

  1. fabio
    April 12, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    Dear Micheal, my name is Fabio, i would like to ask which hydroponic sistems you think is the best in an industrial way ? I have a big land and i was thinking to do something…
    best regrads

    1. NoSoilSolutions
      April 12, 2020 at 8:53 pm

      Hey Fabio! It depends on what you’re wanting to grow. Lettuce and other leafy greens can be grown on a larger scale pretty easily using NFT hydroponics. If growing larger plants then I would probably recommend dutch buckets.

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