7 Products To Tech Out Your Hydroponic Garden

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I love incorporating cool tech products into my hydroponic gardens. Teching out your hydroponic garden is not only fun but can also be beneficial to your time and garden’s productivity.

Here are 7 products to tech out your hydroponic garden!

Geeni Surge Protector

The Geeni Surge protector has been one of my favorite tech items I’ve added to my hydroponic grow tent.  It’s a power strip that is wifi enabled, allowing you to individually control all of the outlets.

Geeni smart surge protector in hydroponic grow tent

In addition to being able to turn individual outlets on and off, you can also individually set outlets on timers or specific schedules. I use this power strip to control my grow lights, environmental controls, my camera, and the hydroponic system.

To learn more about this product you can check out my Geeni Smart Surge Protector review.

Amcrest IP camera

Sometimes it helps to be able to check in on your garden while you’re away. I decided to pick up a simple IP camera to be able to view my garden remotely.

ip camera in hydroponic grow tent

While any type of remote camera can be helpful to check in on things, I would recommend purchasing an ip camera with pan and tilt controls. These controls allow you to move the camera view around to get a full view of your garden.

Ip cameras have become pretty inexpensive. I picked up the camera above and it’s worked well. It works best with a fast internet connection, if you have a slower internet you may experience some lag with the pan and tilt.

One of the biggest concerns I’ve had about my indoor hydroponic gardens is a water leak. Adding a leak detector to your hydroponic garden is a way to alleviate that worry and catch any leaks before it becomes a mini flood.

Knock on wood, I’ve never had any major leaks, but always better safe than sorry.

InkBird Temperature Controller

The InkBird Temperature controller has been a must-have for my winter hydroponic gardening. While it has outlets for both heating and cooling my biggest use of this temperature controller is to control the heat in my garden over the winter.

inkbird temperature controller

The Inkbird controller allows you to set the outlet to turn on when the temperature reaches a certain point. You can then set it to shut when it reaches the desired temperature, keeping the temperature of your hydroponic garden within that optimal range.

To learn more about this product check out my Inkbird Temperature Controller review.

Bluelab MONGUA Guardian Monitor

Monitor pH, temperature and EC can be time-consuming tasks. Imagine if that was all those readings where constantly being tracked? The BlueLab Guardian Monitor does just that.

While one of the pricer items on the list, this Bluelab monitor is worth the cost for serious hydroponic gardeners.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T Series

Proper airflow is important to an indoor hydroponic garden. Good airflow not only helps plants breathe but also reduces the chances of mold growth. When it comes to hydroponic grow room ventilation, the Ac Infinity Cloudline T series is one of the products at the top of my list.

While they also offer a little cheaper model in the S series, the T series comes with an Intelligent controller allowing temperature and humidity programming, fan speed control, timer, and alarm system. The AC infinity cloudline comes in 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch ducts.


As hobby hydroponics continues to grow so will the increase of cool tech products to add to your garden. It’s now becoming cheaper and easier to automate and add systems to your hydroponic garden to make maintenance even more simple.

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