How To Choose The Best Strawberry Variety For Your Hydroponic Garden

How To Choose The Best Strawberry Variety For Your Hydroponic Garden

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When it comes to growing hydroponics strawberries, there are several varieties to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.  June-bearing, day-neutral, and ever-bearing strawberries each offer different characteristics that may be helpful, or a hindrance, depending on your setup and how you want your harvest to go.

In this article, we will compare these three strawberry varieties and help you determine which one is the best fit for your hydroponic setup.

June Bearing Strawberries

June-bearing strawberries, as the name suggests, produce a large harvest of fruit in early summer, typically during the month of June when grown outdoors. These strawberries are known for their sweet and juicy flavor, making them a favorite for many gardeners. However, they have some specific requirements that should be considered in hydroponic systems:


  • High fruit yield during a concentrated period.
  • Robust and well-established varieties are available.
  • Excellent flavor and quality.


  • Require specific environmental conditions, including precise light and temperature control.
  • May require more maintenance to keep the plants healthy.
  • Limited fruit production outside of the primary harvest window.

Day-Neutral Strawberries

Day-neutral strawberries are known for their ability to produce fruit continuously throughout the growing season. This characteristic makes them a great choice for hydroponic gardeners who want a more extended harvest period. Here are the pros and cons of day-neutral strawberries when hydroponic gardening:


  • Steady fruit production throughout the grow.
  • Adapt well to controlled hydroponic environments.
  • Compact growth habit, making them suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Many varieties exhibit good resistance to common strawberry diseases,


  • Typically produce smaller berries compared to June-bearing varieties.
  • Slightly less sweet and flavorful than June-bearing strawberries.
  • Small harvests, typically pick and eat.

Ever-Bearing Strawberries

Ever-bearing strawberries, as the name implies, produce fruit consistently throughout the year, with two primary harvests. These strawberries can be a great choice for hydroponic gardeners looking for a balance between the concentrated yield of June-bearing and the extended season of day-neutral varieties:


  • Continuous fruit production with multiple harvests.
  • Well-suited for hydroponic systems due to their adaptability.
  • Decent flavor and quality.


  • Smaller berries and slightly less intense flavor than June-bearing types.
  • May require more maintenance to encourage multiple harvests.

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Choosing The Right Strawberry Variety For Your Hydroponic Garden

The choice between June-bearing, day-neutral, and ever-bearing strawberries for hydroponic gardening ultimately depends on your specific goals and preferences. If you want to maximize your yield during a concentrated period and are willing to put in the effort to maintain the optimal conditions, June-bearing strawberries can be a rewarding choice. However, for a more extended harvest season, day-neutral and ever-bearing strawberries may be more suitable for hydroponic setups.

In most hydroponic systems, day-neutral strawberries are a solid choice. They adapt well to controlled environments, offer a continuous harvest, and are relatively low-maintenance. This makes them ideal for hydroponic gardeners looking for a balance between yield and ease of cultivation.

Ever-bearing strawberries are also a viable option, particularly if you value the ability to harvest strawberries more than once a year. While they may not produce as large or flavorful berries as June-bearing varieties, their adaptability to hydroponic systems and continuous fruit production make them a practical choice.


he best strawberry variety for hydroponic gardening depends on your specific goals and the resources you can dedicate to maintenance. Evaluate your priorities and choose the variety that aligns best with your hydroponic gardening objectives. Regardless of your choice, with proper care and the right hydroponic system, you can enjoy the delicious taste of homegrown strawberries year-round.

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