8 Benefits Garden Fans Bring To An Indoor Garden

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8 benefits garden fans bring to your indoor gardenMany people think garden fans are just used to cool down indoor gardens. In nature, the wind is actually essential for healthy plant growth. Having a fan in your indoor garden provides many benefits. Here are 8 benefits garden fans bring to an indoor garden.

Reduction In Mold and Bacteria Growth

Grow rooms are supposed to recreate the perfect growing environment. It can also be an environment good for some things you may not want to grow. In indoor hydroponic gardens, humidity levels are often high. Mold and bacteria thrive in high humidity and stale air. Adding a fan to your garden will get stale air moving and decrease humidity reducing the mold and bacteria growth.

Assistance In Pollination

Indoor gardens lack the wind and insects need for pollination.  Pollination needs to be replicated in order for them to produce fruit. For plants that cross-pollinate, hand or artificial pollination is the best method of pollinating when growing indoors. For plants that self-pollinate, like beans, tomatoes, peppers and some varieties of cucumbers, garden fans can assist in pollination. Fans will get pollen moving around your indoor garden, increasing pollination rates.

Pest Deterrent

If neglected, pest issues in indoor gardens can quickly escalate. Pests can reproduce rapidly and soon take over your garden. Having a garden fan in your indoor garden can assist with controlling pests. Air movement can make it difficult for pests to find a spot to reproduce or settle in to lay eggs. Hopefully, it will also push them out.

Strengthening Of Plants Support

In nature, the wind constantly moves a plant around. This movement causes the plants to produce hormones that increase the strength of move the root system, stem, and branches. This strength becomes especially important in the later stages when plants need to support the weight of a large plant with fruit. Garden fans replicate wind movement allowing plants to still build this strength when grown indoors.

Keeping The Temperature Even

Temperature plays a big role in plant growth. Too hot or cold and plants will slow growth, become stunted, or die. Having a garden fan in your indoor garden will distribute the heat more evenly throughout the growing area.

Providing Better Levels Of Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide

Plants constantly go through the process of respiration and also through photosynthesis during the light hours. Respiration involves taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis involves taking in carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. Garden fans circulate the air, distributing these gases through the garden and also sucking new air in.

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