A Grow Light Mover Rail Will Solve Your Lighting Issues

A Grow Light Mover Rail Will Solve Your Lighting Issues

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Lights are one of the most important parts of your hydroponic system. They can also be one of the most expensive parts. Skimping on quality lighting is not a good idea, you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Recently I stumbled across a pretty cool product, grow light mover rails. You can save money on lights and energy, increase quality and your harvest by using these rails in your garden.

How Does A Grow Light Mover Rail Work?

There are many companies making light mover rails that move your grow lights and most work on the same principle.

You don’t have to use specific lights with light rails, they work with all the different types of garden lighting. the Grow lights are attached to a small electric motor. The motor is connected to a rail on the ceiling of the grow area. The motor moves the grow light back and forth across the rail.

Most kits have aftermarket attachments to extend the rail length and add more lights. Some kits adjustable speeds and customizable start and stop points.

Below is a video of a Light Rail to give you a better idea of how it works.

But What Are The Benefits Of Using A Grow Light Mover Rail?

As with any added cost, it’s important to know the benefits of the investment. There are actually many benefits of using a light mover rail.

Savings– Using a light mover rail save you money in the amount of light you need to purchase for your grow area. Running less grow lights also reduces energy costs.

Better coverage, health & harvest– Many gardeners have run into the issues of not being able to give full light to all the plants in their garden. You could solve the issue by adding more lights, but in addition to cost, much of the added light would be wasted.

Grow light Mover rails can move lights to reach the outside edges of the garden, providing the same intensity of light throughout the plant. This will reduce the hot and shadow spots in your garden. All of these benefits translate into better health, quality, and harvest.

Heat Distribution– Light movement distributes heat across the garden and helps with dissipation.

What Do Grow Light Mover Rails Cost?

There are a few different companies offering light mover rails with different options. They start at the $125 range and go up to around $300 for the initial kits. Then there are the additional kits you can buy to add rail length and connection for more lights for larger grow areas.

Here is the cost of some other kits in addition to the one above:


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