top hydroponic books for beginners

5 Great Hydroponic Books For Beginners

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While the internet is a great resource for learning, I still think nothing beats a good book. Books continue to be a great reference for many hydroponic gardeners, myself included. The thing about books is that you can keep them with you, bookmark information, and be able to quickly reference it when needed.

With so many hydroponics books, which ones are worth your hard-earned money? Here are some books that I would recommend to help you learn about hydroponics!

Hydroponic Basics By George F. Van Patten

This is the first book that I ever read about hydroponics as a hobby. Hints the name, this is the most basic book on my list of books that will teach you more about hydroponics. Don’t overlook its simplicity though; it’s what makes this book great for people needing a basic knowledge of the different working parts of hydroponic gardening.

This book is a cheap pick-up and a great choice for those with no hydroponic experience but looking to learn the basics.

Hydroponics: The Essential Hydroponics Guide: A Step-By-Step Hydroponic Gardening Guide to Grow Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs at Home By Andy Jacobson

Next up is a book by Andy Jacobson that’s been reviewed over 80 times on Amazon, making it one of the most reviewed books on hydroponics. It’s helped a lot of people start growing their own hydroponic food at home.

This book is in its second edition, last updated in 2016 so you’re getting the latest information. Its information is presented in a clear manner offering diagrams and photos for more explanation. Many people have commented that they used this book as a guide as they started hydroponics, coming back to reference it many times. Some readers did comment on the lack of editing but said it didn’t take away from the information.

How To Hydroponics, Fourth Edition By Keith Roberto

This is a classic must-read for any hydroponic gardener. Keith Roberto put together a great book that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with hydroponic gardening. The latest is the fourth edition, as he’s gone back and made things clear where people had questions and updated information as his experiences and technology grows.

How to Hydroponics includes information on different methods of hydroponics, simple how-to’s for building systems, the different aspects of the hydroponic garden, and how to grow it. One of the things I really like about this book is the awesome informational pictures providing more detail and directions. Many readers other readers have commented on how thorough and informational this book has been for them, giving it great reviews.

Ditch The Dirt: Grow Edible Hydroponic Plants at Home By Rob Laing

Ditch the dirt is both informative and a great read. The author Rob Lang is CEO and founder of Farm.One, a hydroponic farm in Manhattan New York. With produce his company has grown being sold to some of the top restaurants in New York, I would say he has a pretty good idea about quality hydroponics.

This photo-driven book will teach you what you’re needing to know to start growing hydroponic vegetables at home. It will also teach you a little evolution of hydroponics and using herbs to spice up your meals.

DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water By Tyler Baras

I wish I would have read DIY Hydroponic Gardens before building my first hydroponic system. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time and money figuring things out and discovering new parts. The thing is, while it’s cool to come up with different systems, there are some tried and true parts and supplies that can make things a lot easier.

One of the many reasons this hydroponic book has reviewed rave reviews is because it’s just the right of information you need to get started. With this book, you’ll get informative step-by-step guides to get you started on hydroponic gardening then you can get a little more in-depth.


I hope these book suggestions give you a great start in learning more about hydroponics. As hydroponics has gotten more popular, more people are writing about it sharing their ideas, knowledge, and experiences. I’ve made it a point to never stop learning and believe you can never read too many books to keep perfecting your hobby!

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