Hydroponic nutrients

About Hydroponic Nutrients

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As with all living things, plants need nutrients to survive. Since hydroponics doesn’t involve using dirt, which plants normally get their nutrients from, hydroponic nutrients need to be added to the water in a hydroponic system. At first glance using hydroponic nutrients may seem a little complex, but soon you learn that most of the work is done for you. Companies that make hydroponic nutrients often have feeding schedules that provide exact measurements of hydroponic nutrients to add and when to add them.

Hydroponic nutrients
I’ve had great success with “General Hydroponics” brand and I find it cost-effective. It’s used by NASA, so works for them should work for me.

What Hydroponics Nutrients Work The Best?

There is no one brand or type that works the best of the all. There are many different brands and types of nutrients to choose from. If you’re a beginner to hydroponics or just looking for a simple hydroponic nutrient regimen I recommend using single part nutrient solution.  I typically use a single part nutrient solution made by Dyna Gro. When you develop and understanding how the different N-P-K ratios, General Hydroponics offers a good 3 part solution to tailor your nutrients specifically to the type of garden you’re growing.

Choosing The Correct Nutrient Solution For Your Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic nutrients vary by what is called N-P-K ratio. The N-P-K ratio informs you of the amount of each of the different macro nutrients contained in the nutrient solution. I explain N-P-K  ratios and what ratio will work for your garden in the article “Understanding N-P-K Ratios“.


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