How to Adjust pH Of Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Proper pH levels are very important with hydroculture gardening. If the pH of the nutrient solution is too high or too low, then the plant will not be able to take in the minerals in the water. pH fluctuations are a regular part of hydroponic gardening so you will need to know how to adjust the pH of your hydroponic nutrient solution. Luckily it’s an easy process that I will walk you through!

What Should The pH Level Be?

The proper pH level depends on what you’re growing, but most plants do well in a pH range of 5.5 and 6.5. You should measure the pH of your nutrient solution often, starting at once a day until you become more familiar with your garden. If it’s out of range you should correct as soon as possible. Not taking care of the issue will lead to nutrient lockout.

If you’re not familiar with measuring pH, check out my article detailing 3 different ways you can measure the ph of your nutrient solution.

Adjusting Hydroponic pH

What is The Best Way To Adjust pH Of A Hydroponic Garden?

The most effective way to adjust pH is to buy a product that is specifically made to adjust the pH of hydroponic nutrient solutions. Several hydroponics companies offer specific products for this issue, many simply called pH up and pH down. I would recommend keeping some on hand because you will encounter pH problems.

How To Use pH up And Down

Typically it only takes 1-2 ml of pH Up or Down per gallon of water to correct the pH of your nutrient solution. I have hard water where I live, so I probably use a little more.  If you over correct you, add a little of the opposite to get it where it needs to be.

After adding, stir and wait 15 minutes to half hour to test the nutrient solution again. Repeat the process until you in the range of 5.5-6.5 or the desired range for what you’re growing. If you’re not sure on the correct pH, I put together a list of best pH ranges for different vegetable and fruits.

What Is Natural Way To Adjust The pH Of A Hydroponic Garden?

So maybe your in a situation where you don’t have any pH up and down and it might be a few days. There are some supplies that you probably have around your house as a quick fix until you can get something more permanent.

Household items such as white vinegar or citric acid can be used to lower pH, while baking soda can be used to raise it. The problem with using these household ingredients is that it’s only a short-term fix.

These ingredients only work as a short-term fix and you will often see a spike or drop within a couple of days. This is because the household items don’t contain the pH that commercial products do.

In Conclusion

Measuring pH is something you’re going to become really good at as a hydroponic gardener. To maximize your garden’s potential, measure the pH often (I suggest picking up and electronic pH tester, and keep pH up and down on hand. If you have any suggestions in regards to adjusting pH drop them in the comments!

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