How To Transplant A Hydroponic Plant Into Dirt

How To Transplant A Hydroponic Plant Into Dirt

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I have many different hobbies that I enjoy. I sometimes use those hobbies to raise funds for projects that I’m doing. One way I’ve found to make some extra money is by selling some of the plants I grow. In the summer I take cuttings of our mums, clone them, and then transplant them into dirt pots to be sold in the fall. Aside from making some extra cash, cloning is also a great way to take a plant with desired characteristics and create copies to be used to beautify your yard and home. This is how you transplant a hydroponic plant into the dirt.

What You Need To Transplant A Hydroponic Plant Into Dirt

  • A plant from a hydroponic system, I will be using a mum that I cloned
  • A pot
  • Dirt
  • Water for the plant

Steps To Transplanting A Hydroponic Plant Into Dirt

Take the pot you are going to transplant your plant into and fill it with dirt. After filling, dig a hole in the middle that is bigger than the plant’s root system.

Next, take your clone and place it in the hole you dug. I used to net pots with foam inserts so will be removing my clone from them before planting, Plants don’t have to be bare roots to transplant. Rapid rooter plugs also work well for cloning a plant and can be transplanted into the dirt as well as hydroponics.  After planting cover the root system with dirt.

After the plant is transplanted it’s important to water it immediately. Hydroponic plants are accustomed to having water at all times so it will shock them at first. You should make sure to water the plant often with longer durations in between watering to get it accustomed to being in the dirt.

Often the sun is too intense to leave your plant out in permanently at first. It’s best to ease it into life outdoors by putting it out in longer durations of a period of a week to get it used tot he intensity. If you find your plant wilting, watering immediately can bring it back, waiting too long and it could be lost.

If it looks like the plant is lost, don’t get rid of it too quickly. Plants can be resilient and it still may shoot new leaves to replace the ones lost.

Here’s a short video walking you through how to transplant a hydroponic plant into dirt.

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