This is a diagram of an Aeroponic system

What is Aeroponics?

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Aeroponics is considered more of an advanced hydroponic method of gardening. Some do not consider Aeroponics to be a true hydroponics method as the plant roots are not submerged in water. Instead with Aeroponics, plants are often placed in small holes or slits to stabilize the plant while the roots are suspended in the air. The nutrient solution is sprayed over the roots while being exposed to maximum oxygen. Though considered more advanced, Aeroponics isn’t really that difficult and operates under the same principles as other hydroponic methods.

Aeroponics work great for a variety of different vegetables and herbs and could also be used for some root vegetables. Vine plants such as tomatoes and watermelons, leafy greens and many herbs are all known to grow well with Aeroponics.


What Is An Example Of An Aeroponic System?

Simple aeroponic systems can be set up with little space needed. A good example of a simple Aeroponics setup would be the tote system. In this example holes are drilled into the top of a tote lid, plants (with or without net pots) are placed in the lid so the plant roots dangle in the air.

In the tote there is a water pump that is hooked up to capped tubing. Screwed into the tubing there are several spray emitters that will direct a mist of nutrient solution onto the plant roots. The pump with sprayer is secured into the bottom of the tote and water is then poured into the tote to cover the pump. Once the aeroponic system is turned on, the pump will push the water up the capped tube spraying out of the emitters and dampening the plant roots. The nutrient solution then falls back down into the tote to be recycled through the system again.

Benefits Of Growing Plants Using Aeroponics?

There are many benefits to growing your garden using Aeroponics. According to NASA, gardens that are grown using Aeroponics are likely to use around 98% less water, and 60% less nutrients. On top of being extremely efficient, there is no need to use pesticides with indoor aeroponic gardens. As with other hydroponic methods, gardens using Aeroponics generally allow you to harvest more with less growing time.

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