The Best Net Pots For Your Hydroponic System

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While they don’t have much glamour, net pots are an important part of a hydroponic system. They keep the grow medium from clogging your system and damaging your pump but also help provide support for your plants. Not all net pots are made the same. In addition to size variations, you will also discover that quality and ease of use is not all the same.  There are a couple of things you should look for when trying to find the best net pots for your hydroponic system.

The Best Net Pots For Your Hydroponic System

Choose The Best Size Net Pots For Your Plants

Net pots come in many different sizes, typically 2″, 3″, 3.75″, 5″ and 6″. There are also net pot bucket lids that work great for 5-gallon bubble bucket systems.

When choosing a net pot for your hydroponic system you should consider the size of the plant your growing and the full size and weight of the plant at the time of harvest. Smaller net pots work well for small plants and leafy greens. Larger, heavier plants should be in larger net pots. A larger net pot provides a bigger base for your plant and holds more grow medium, which give the plant more to anchor to.

Don’t Let Grow Medium Slip Through The Cracks

It’s important to get net pots with a slot size that works for the grow medium your using. Net pots with smaller slots, like this one pictured below, don’t let as much grow medium slip through the cracks. In addition to holding the grow medium better, net pots with more, or more narrow slots, provide a better base to hold the plant upright.

The best net pot for hydroponic system

A slot size too large, like this one below, and grow medium scan lip through the cracks and into your system. These net pots word best for aeroponic systems that typically don’t use grow medium.

hydroponic system net pot

The Best Net Pots Have More Lip

When searching for the best net pot for your system consider the lip size before purchase. Some net pots will have a well-defined lip, while others don’t have much of a lip at all.

net pot lip comparison

This is something I learned during my first year of hydroponic gardening. I purchased the cheapest net pots I could find, thinking they were all the same. The ones I received didn’t have much lip, so my net pot would fall through the hole after the plant got heavy enough.

Do You Use Net Pot Lids?

Anytime light reaches a grow medium moist with nutrients you’re going to get algae growth. Using net pot lids will stop the light from reaching the grow medium and preventing algae growth. Net pot lids also keep rain and debris from getting into systems that are outside. The one drawback is that tend to not secure well to the net pot, but that doesn’t affect its ability to block the light.

In Conclusion

Choosing a quality net pot up front will save you time and headaches in the long run. A good net pot will last many years so it is worth it to spend the extra few dollars for the good ones.

4 Answers

    1. NoSoilSolutions
      April 28, 2019 at 9:43 pm

      It can sometimes be difficult to transplant into larger net pots but it is possible. If the root system is well developed, it’s best to just place the whole net pot into a larger one, instead of trying to remove the plant from the smaller net pot. Trying to remove the plant can really damage its root system.

    1. NoSoilSolutions
      April 3, 2020 at 5:33 pm

      I typically use 2-inch net pots for lettuce but I typically grow loose leaf and butterhead lettuce. I haven’t grown Bok Choi or Chinese but I would probably recommend a 3-inch net pot for what you’re looking to grow.

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