How To Use Rapid Rooter Plugs To A Clone Plant

How To Use Rapid Rooter Plugs To A Clone Plant

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In addition to using Rapid Rooter plugs for seed germination, they are also great to use for starting clones. Rapid Rooter plugs provide a great water/ air ratio to promote rooting from the cutting. Rapid Rooter is versatile, they can be transplanted both in hydroponic systems and into the dirt.  Here’s how easy it is to use Rapid Rooter plugs to clone a plant.Using Rapid Rooter To Clone Plants

Supplies Needed To Clone A Plant Using Rapid Rooter

Clean Razor Blades –  You will need these to make a clean cut on the plant’s stem. View Product
Rapid Rooter Plugs & Tray–  This kit comes with 50 rapid rooter starter plugs and a watering tray to put them in. B00MKB1FDI View Product
Rooting Gel–  Contains hormones that assist the clone with root production. B01M9G2LBQ View Product
Heat mat–  Clones do better when the root system is kept near 80 degrees. View Product

Also Needed: Plant clippings

 Steps To Cloning Plant Using Rapid Rooter Plugs

Before starting,  soak your Rapid Rooter cubes in distilled water to rehydrate them. Soak the rapid rooter plugs in a bowl of water for a few hours. After soaking, place the cubes in the tray you will be using to hold your clones.

Next, you need to take the cuttings from the plant you want to clone. Cuttings should have a stem of at least 2 inches and a few leaves. Remove any leaves from the bottom of the stem leaving a couple of inches of stem bare. Cut the very bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle.Preparing hydroponic clone After preparing your cutting, it’s time to dip it in some rooting hormone. I don’t recommend dipping the clones directly into your jar of rooting hormone.  Put some rooting gel in a separate container that you will use to dip your cuttings into to prevent contamination for future clones. I use a plastic spoon and dip some out on the end. Take your cutting and coat the stem in the rooting hormone.

Using Rooting Hormone To Clone Plant

After coating, place cutting directly into the hole in the Rapid Rooter cube. Press the stem down into the cube so it stands straight up.

Placing Clone In Rapid Rooter Plug

Now take your clone and place it into your Rapid Rooter tray, repeating the process for each clone. Net you will need to find a flat surface to place the tray, with the heat mat underneath it. Clones should be somewhere where they will get low-intensity light. The Rapid Rooter plugs need to be kept moist by keeping about a 1/4 inch of water in the bottom of the tray.

Clone In Rapid Rooter Plug

After a few weeks, you should notice roots showing out of the bottom of the Rapid Rooter plug. When roots start forming outside of the Rapid Rooter plugs they are ready to be transplanted into your hydroponic system.

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