Where’s The Best Place To Purchase Hydroponic Supplies?

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One of the common questions I often get asked is where is the best place to purchase hydroponics supplies. While hydroponic systems can often be made with items you already have around your home, there are some supplies that will need to be purchased, especially when starting a hydroponic garden.

Here are the best places to purchase your hydroponic supplies!

Local Hydroponics Shops

I’m all for supporting small local businesses when possible. Hydroponics shops are popping up in a lot of cities as hydroponics is becoming more and more popular. If there’s not a shop in your area already there will probably be one soon.

So how do you find the best place to locally get hydroponic supplies? I’ve done most of the work for you! Here’s the link to search google for the closest hydroponics store near you.

In addition to helping a local business shopping at your local hydroponics store also allows you to speak in person with someone who probably knows hydroponics pretty well.

Purchasing Your Hydroponic Supplies Online

For those that don’t live in or near a larger city, there may not be a hydroponics store conveniently close by. Luckily the web offers much more with maybe even better convenience. In addition to the massive number of different hydroponic products that are offered, shopping online allows you to easily search for the best product at the cheapest price.


Amazon is one of my favorite places to get hydroponic supplies for many reasons. In addition to having many product options, you get the benefit of seeing first-hand customer reviews. It’s often cheaper to buy on amazon compared to a brick and mortar store and the shipping is becoming faster than ever.


Another great thing about Amazon is their simple returns. You can have confidence in trying new products, knowing that if it doesn’t look good when it arrives it’s easy to send back. Also, you are now able to return your Amazon items at your local Kohls department store.

I’m a member of Amazon Prime and I’m regularly buying different things off Amazon anyway, so for me, buying my hydroponic supplies off Amazon works great.

Hydroponics Websites

I understand not everyone is a fan of shopping with larger companies. There are many options if you would like to purchase from a smaller online hydroponics shop.

Many of the smaller brick and mortar shops also sell their products online and ship them out. You can use the link I suggested above to find the closest hydroponic shops to you and see if they have an online store.

In addition to the smaller shops, there are many larger online hydroponic shops offering a variety of products. Here are the top hydroponic supply websites.

The Box Stores

While your local box store probably doesn’t carry traditional hydroponic systems and supplies, if you’re looking to build a hydroponic system your local hardware store is probably going to become a familiar place.

When it comes to building my hydroponic systems I typically go to my local Menards or Home depot. Home Depot actually sells hydroponic systems online. 

Air/water pumps, diffusers, and tubes can all be found at box stores like Walmart or a pet supply store.


When it comes to purchasing hydroponic supplies there are many options. With the hobby of hydroponics growing more hydroponic shops are springing up and more products are being offered online.

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  1. Francis Laduce
    June 9, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Am leaving in the Philippines and its hard to find solutions in my country
    can you give me some advice how to make my own hydroponic solutions

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