6 Ways To Keep Your Hydroponic Nutrient Solution Cool

The temperature of your hydroponic nutrient solution is not something that should be overlooked. Too cold and roots will not form properly, the plant will grow slow and maybe die. A hydroponic nutrient solution that is too hot does not hold the oxygen your plants need to survive. This can cause stress to your garden and could eventually result in death.

The hydroponic nutrient solution should be kept between about 65 degrees and 75 degrees. So what are some ways to cool your hydroponic nutrient reservoir?

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Purchase A Reservoir Chiller

If you have the money, the simplest solution to cooling your hydroponic nutrient solution would be to purchase a water chiller. Typical water chillers run the nutrient solution through a chilled coil lowing the temperature of your solution. Reservoir chillers range in price as larger reservoirs need more powerful chillers.

Shade Your Hydroponic Reservoir

Try and keep your hydroponic reservoir in a shaded from the heat source.  Building a box or cover for your reservoir can help cool down the temperature of your hydroponic nutrient solution. Using a shade cloth is not only a good idea for your reservoir but also for plants that don’t do well with too much sunlight or heat.

If your hydroponic garden is inside you may need to move your reservoir away from hot lights or equipment.

Add Ice Packs To Your Hydroponic Reservoir

Adding clean ice packs to your hydroponic nutrient solution is an easy way to combat the heat. Keep in mind you don’t want to cool down your nutrient solution too much or alter the temperature too quickly. Use an ice pack size that will make sense for the amount of nutrient solution you’re using. Frozen water bottles work well as alternatives if you don’t have any ice packs. You can use milk jugs for larger hydroponic reservoirs.

Change Your Reservoir Color

Altering the color of a dark reservoir is a good way to help control the temperature of your hydroponic solution. Painting it white will deflect heat away from the reservoir. An alternative to painting your hydroponic reservoir is wrapping it in something metallic such as foil or mylar.

Top Off Your Reservoir With Cool Water

If it is just a warmer day than usual, adding cool water to your nutrient solution may be all you need to cool down the temperature. Keep in mind topping off the reservoir dilutes our solution, so more water changes may be needed during warmer times.

Bury Your Hydroponic Reservoir

If your hydroponic garden is outside, burying your hydroponic reservoir could solve your nutrient solution temperature problems.

Do you have some tips on keeping your hydroponics nutrient solution cool? Let us know in the comments!


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