9 Advantages Of Hydroponic Gardening

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Ability To Garden  in Urban Areas, One Of The Greatest Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

Over 3 billion people in the world live in cities. The need for homes, businesses, and infrastructure dominates, leaving little to no space for traditional gardens. You can pretty much put a hydroponic system anywhere. Hydroponics doesn’t require soil, so you can grow plants where you normally could not, like inside your apartment or on top of a building. Old abandoned warehouses are being renovated into indoor vegetable farms. Hydroponic gardening has allowed people living in cities to eat produce that is just as fresh as those living in rural areas.

Gardening in Undesired Environments

There are many places in the world that have plenty of open lands but lack quality soil or rain for gardens to grow. In addition to growing plants in buildings, simple greenhouses can be built to maintain a more ideal growing condition for the plants. One of the advantages of hydroponic gardening is you don’t need to have fertile soil for plants to grow.

 advantages of hydroponic gardening

Simple Maintenance

Hydroponic gardens often require less maintenance compared to traditional gardens. If the hydroponic garden is in hydroponic systema structure, you often don’t have to be concerned with animals or pests infiltrating that space. In addition, you will spend less time, managing issues such as weeds.

Easy Harvest

Since a hydroponic system’s design has endless possibilities, systems can be built for easy harvesting. Hydroponics systems are often built several feet off the ground, making it easier on your back when harvesting plants. No bending, or breaking, the simple solution!

Low water usage

This is an important advantage of hydroponic gardening due to water shortages in many areas. Water is often recirculated in hydroponic systems, and when not (such as in non-recovery drip systems) it is only given to the plant in small amounts, meaningless is wasted. This also means less water is lost to evaporation or being soaked up by dirt.

Fewer Pesticide Usage

Hydroponic gardens inside a structure are less susceptible to pests, so there is often no need to use pesticides that could harm the environment and our bodies. When pests do arise there are natural ways to fight back, like releasing ladybugs.

Better Control Plant Nutrition

Since your hydroponic plants take in only what you expose them to, you have complete control over what they will receive. Different plants need different amounts of specific nutrient levels to perform at their highest plant function. When tailoring the nutrients to your plant’s specific needs, you will always have healthy plants for each growing cycle.

Faster Plant Growth

Traditional garden plants use a lot of their energy to expand their root base in order to take in enough nutrients. Since hydroponic plants have nutrients readily available, more energy is directed toward plant growth. This advantage is why a hydroponic plant will always grow faster.

Higher Yields

For the same reasons hydroponic plants grow faster, hydroponic plants produce higher yields. This means you’re able to grow more while using less space.

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