small vertical hydroponic system growing lettuce

Vertical Hydroponic Tower Gardening

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Vertical Hydroponic Tower Gardening

Vertical hydroponic tower gardening is just one of many different methods of hydroponic gardening.  Going vertical can utilize unused ceiling space always your to grow more per square foot. This can be especially important when looking at saving money on building your system and increasing profitability if you’re looking to sell your product.

How Does A Vertical Hydroponic Tower Gardening Work

Vertical hydroponic system use the power of gravity to deliver the nutrient solution to the plant’s root systems. Typically there is a reservoir at the bottom of the system that houses the nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is pumped above the plants, then flows down over all of the plant’s root systems back into the reservoir

As with most hydroponic systems, vertical systems can be designed in a variety of ways. Some systems are built like the one shown above, with variations of larger reservoirs and towers. Others have larger grow beds like the vertical garden below.


Best Vegetables for Vertical Hydroponic Tower Gardening

With many garden tower design’s, it’s important to avoid being top heavy. The weight of a tomato or pepper plant ft off the ground is a lot of weight. Vertical hydroponic tower gardens are mainly meant to grow light leafy greens. Tower gardens work great to grow lettuce, spinach, and herbs. Strawberries also grow well in vertical gardens since they are lightweight, but they are also easy to pick since they typically dangle over the edges of the system.

With some designs, you may be about to grow on of those tomato or pepper plants since it may add more weight towards the base of the system. Some vertical designs are made to support weight higher up making it possible to grow larger plants.

Best Grow Medium For Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden Systems

A lightweight grow medium works best for most vertical hydroponic towers. I like to use hydroton in most of my hydroponic gardens, including my tower garden systems. Some hydroponic gardeners also use perlite, rockwool, or coco coir as well for their vertical gardens grow medium.

Some companies have specific foam inserts for their specific vertical gardens.

Pros of Vertical Hydroponic Gardening

You’re able to grow more produce per square foot.

The system takes up minimal space.

Can utilize normally unused space.

Cons of Vertical Hydroponic Gardening

Some systems can be at risk of tipping

May lack the ability to grow larger plants

May need to use a ladder to tend to the top of taller gardens

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