Review: Apollo Horticulture UV400 Grow Room Glasses

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Like many people, I’ve been guilty of not protecting my eyes while working in my hydroponic garden. It’s definitely something that should be thought about more, as the intense light can cause long term damage to your eyes.

I recently decided to purchase some Apollo Horticulture UV400 grow room glasses. They were extremely affordable, had good reviews and seemed to offer the protection I was looking for. Here’s what I found out…

What I like About Apollo Horticulture UV400 Grow Room Glasses

hydroponic positive

100% UV Blocking

The main purpose of grow room glasses is protection, so that’s what I’ll cover first.

According to Apollo Horticulture these grow room glasses block both UVA/UVB rays, protect against infrared wavelengths and meet ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards.

Grow light looking through grow room glasses.

Lightweight & Sturdy

The first thing I noticed when I picked up this grow room glasses was that they were extremely light. They fit well and don’t move around on my head a lot when working in my garden.

The glasses don’t feel flimsy and they are made with a hard plastic.

Apollo Horticulture UVA400 grow room glasses.


The price of the Apollo UV400 grow room glasses is its biggest selling point.

At the time of purchase, I only paid $15 for these grow room glasses, which is a great price. Some grow room glasses can cost more than $75- $100.

Easy Viewing

I was able to see the color of my plants well which is a necessity to spot nutrient deficiencies. I also noticed that I had an easier time inspecting and noticing pests when wearing grow room glasses, probably due to less eye strain.

Below is the difference with no glasses to the left and glasses to the right. For the price I was definitely surprised.

Hydroponic bell pepper with and without grow lights


Apollo Horticulture offer a 90 day money back guarantee on their grow room glasses as well as a 1 year warranty.

Drawbacks To Apollo Horticulture UV400 Grow Room Glasses

hydroponic negative

Not Sure On The Quality Of Protection

I can’t really call this something I don’t like, more of a concern.

The real question is does a $15 pair of glasses provide enough protection for my eyes? It’s a great price but it’s hard to determine if I’m less protected than using a more expensive brand like Method Seven shown below.

Maybe there isn’t much to the protection of grow room glasses and other brands are shooting for more of a markup. Until I can find out more on how to test the level of protection grow room glasses actually offer I will just have to go with wha the company is claims.

Bottom Line

Grow room glasses are definitely a necessity, it’s just a matter of the investment you put into it. While it’s hard to test the level of protection that the Apollo Horticulture UV400’s offer something is better is for sure than nothing and I haven’t seen many claims that they don’t really protect.

The price is great. Overall I’ve been happy with the product and definitely recommend them.

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