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Review of General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrients

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If you’re in the market for hydroponic nutrient regimens there’s no doubt you’ve come across General Hydroponics Flora Series.

Here’s what you need to know about the Flora Series and my own personal review.

About General Hydroponics Flora Series

Flora Series is a three-part hydroponic nutrient regimen made by General Hydroponics. It’s been a go-to for both hydroponic hobbyist as well as commercial growers for decades. It was even used by NASA for their space hydroponic experiments.

For the longest time, it was the only option when it came to liquid hydroponic nutrients. While I typically recommend beginners to hydroponics start with a one-part nutrient solution, the Flora Series was what I used for my first hydroponic systems as I knew it was really popular.

While a three-part nutrient requires some mixing, it allows more customization over your plant’s nutrient regimen. This means you can use for Flora series for any type of plant and for any stage of growth.

The three parts that make up the Flora Series are:

FloraGro, FloraBloom, & FloraMicro

General Hydroponics Flora Series Hydroponic Nutrient Regimen

How To Use General Hydroponics Flora Series

Before using the Flora Series you’ll want to check out the feeding chart, which will be different depending on if your system is recirculating or drain to waste.

The amount of FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro you will add per gallon depends on what type of plants your growing and what stage of growth your garden is in.

When mixing your nutrients you will need to always add Flora Micro first. For a more in-depth article on the topic check out this How to Mixing a Three-Part Nutrient Solution.

After adding your nutrients you’ll need to measure and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution.

In What Quantities Does  Flora Series Come In?

General Hydroponics Flora Series is widely used by both hydroponic hobbyists and professionals. It’s sold in a variety of quantities:

How Much Does Flora Series Cost?

As you can imagine, three-part nutrient solution regimens typically cost more than one part nutrients. With that being said, General Hydroponics Flora Series is actually one of the more cost-effective three-part nutrient regimens on the market.

Out of the 3 three-part nutrient solution regimens I recommend for hydroponics, General Hydroponics Flora Series was the cheapest option.

While you’ll need to purchase all three parts initially, you won’t need to buy all three at the same time going forward. You will use the different parts in different amounts so will just need to replace them individually as needed.


General Hydroponics Flora Series has been a go-to in the industry for a reason. Mixing a three-part nutrients solution isn’t difficult and it allows for the customization to increase or decrease certain nutrients to tailor the regiment to the specific type of plants you’re going.

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