A Review Of Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel

A Review Of Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel

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A Hydroponics Review of Rootech Cloning Gel

There are many reasons to use clones in your hydroponic garden. With time and the right condition, plants can start roots without additives, but using cloning gel increases your success rate and reduces the time until roots start to show.

There are many different types of rooting hormone on the market; here’s our Technaflora Rootech cloning gel review.

Using Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel

As with most gel-type rooting hormones, using Rootech cloning gel is extremely easy.

  • Place some Rootech cloning gel in a separate container.
  • Prepare your plant’s stem.
  • Dip the stem in the rooting gel.
  • Place in your cutting in your grow medium.
Using Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel

To learn more about how to clone a plant click here.

How Well Does Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel Work?

When using Rootech cloning gel I’ve always had a 100% success rate. In my experiences, roots start to show after about a week. After the first sign on roots, the growth rate picks up.

I’ve used Rootech with rapid rooter, rockwool and with no medium in aerated water. Typically my clones have been ready to transplant about 2-3 weeks after using Rootech cloning gel.

What I Liked About Rootech Cloning Gel

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Easy to use
  • A thick gel that is not messy


I give this Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel 5 stars and would recommend it to other hydroponic growers. While not the cheapest option when it comes to rooting hormones, it makes up for it with the success rate and ease of use. Rootech is a great option for those wanting to clone a few plants or for beginners because of the small amounts you’re able to purchase.

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