Inkbird temperature controller for hydroponic grow room

The Perfect Grow Room Temperature Controller For Hobby Hydroponics

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One of the things I had trouble when I first started hydroponic gardening indoors was maintaining a good temperature in my gardening area. It’s something I had been put off finding a solution for while I learned more about other aspects of hydroponic gardening. Then we moved into a new house that had a room in the walk-in crawl space perfect for my indoor hydroponic garden. I knew the temperature would be more of an obstacle than having a hydroponic system in my house or in the garage.

The Perfect Solution To Maintaining My Grow Room Temperature

While researching the best solution to my grow room temperature problems, I came across this Inkbird temperature controller. It was the perfect solution for my needs and at an excellent price.

Here’s how it works..

 How The Inkbird ITC-308 Controls Your Grow Room Temperature

This Inkbird controller is everything you need to take control over the temperature in your grow room and it’s simple to use. The controller has a dual relay output, which means you’re able to connect refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time.

The waterproof temperature probe constantly monitors the temperature of your grow room. When the temperature reaches a preset point, the controller turns on the device on the desired plug.

The Things I Like About The About The Inkbird ITC-308

Affordability- One of many great things about the Inkbird -308 is its affordability. Not only is the controller a great price, but it also saves you from having to spend a bunch of money for heating and cooling units that have accurate thermostats. This product allows you to hook up simple heats and coolers.

Heating & Cooling Ability- This is a great feature if your grow room is in a place that has a high fluctuation in temperature. Even if you don’t think you would need to use either the heating or cooling, it’ nice to be able to set we up as an emergency safeguard just in case something fails causing a major temperature fluctuation.

Ease of Use-There’s not a simpler product to control the temperature of your grow room than the Inkbird ITC-308. It’s easy to set up, then just plug in your heating and/or cooling units and you’re good to go. It will even remember the settings in its memory, so you don’t have to reprogram the controller every time it’s unplugged or loses power.

Versatility – It a versatile unit and can be used for many different applications in addition to monitoring the temperature in your grow room. Since the prop is water proof you can also use it to maintain the temperature of your nutrient solution.

Alarm Ability- What if your heating or cooling unit fails? The Inkbird ITC-308 has an alarm ability for both high and low temperatures. This helps you recognize temperature issues quickly, getting them corrected before they become damaging.

Reviews- The overall review of the Inkbird ITC-308 were excellent. There wasn’t a site that I came across that the review ratings were at or above 4.5 out of 5. Amazon alone had over 1,ooo reviews so there is a large sample size.


The Inkbird ITC-308 is the perfect grow controller for hobby hydroponic indoor gardeners. In fact, I will be purchasing an other to monitor the temperature of my hydroponic nutrient solution. The combination of affordability, durability, and ease of use make this product a great choice at controlling the temperature of your grow room.

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