Why I Had to get a grow tent

4 Reason I HAD To Get A Grow Tent For My Indoor Hydroponics

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You know that feeling of wanting something cool, but couldn’t justify spending the money? That has been me with purchasing a grow tent up until recently. I didn’t understand the many benefits that a grow tent would bring to my indoor hydroponic garden. Here are the 4 reasons why I finally realized I needed to buy this grow tent.

Grow Tents Maximize Your Lighting

Indoor gardens that lack containment lose a lot of light compared to enclosed gardens. Grow tents contain a liner that reflects the light rays back into your garden that would have otherwise been lost. This light bounces throughout the grow tent reaching areas of your plants that might not have otherwise received them.

My Wife.. I Mean The Light

Also, without a grow tent, your room in your hydroponic system will be lit up. This can be bad for the eyes and leave an unappealing look. Just check out my garage below. I thought it looked like a mad scientist lair, my wife thought it looked like more of a neon bar sign glow. I think she would have bought the grow tent if I didn’t.

Grow Tents Keep Out Pests

It’s amazing the pests you come across while gardening. It’s like a whole new bug world that you would have never known if you didn’t grow your own food. A great growing garden is a utopia for pests and once they start, their numbers can quickly grow.

More than just a nuisance, a pest problem can mean the death of your garden. Pests will damage your plants leaving them susceptible to disease. Using a grow tent for your indoor hydroponic garden will keep pests from reaching your garden.

Grow Tents Also Keep out Unwanted Visitors

I have two awesome children that think my gardens are pretty cool. They like it so much that when they have friends over, they want to show them what we have growing.

Most kids, not knowing about hydroponics, are amazed at plants growing with no soil, and of course, want to check it out. This is fine except for the fact that they often go hands-on, damaging plants. A grow tent creates a barrier against unwanted visitors so I can be the gatekeeper.

Grow Tents Allow You To Control The Environment

Environmental factors have a major impact on plants. Temperature and humidity both have an effect on plant health, growth, and production. Too hot or cold and plants will slow in growth, and increasing the chance of disease. Too much humidity can promote the growth of mold, and bacteria and can suffocate plants.

The growing environment for your garden should be similar to the ideal growing environment plants would have outdoors. This can be difficult for the hobby hydroponic grower gardening indoors unless they are using a grow tent. Enclosing your garden in a grow tent creates a smaller area that is both easier and cheaper to control.

Vivosun Grow Tent Measuring 48″x48″x80″
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While not as glamorous as getting a new hydroponic system or grow light, a grow tent is a great purchase for indoor gardeners. It’s a small investment that definitely pays for itself with the benefits it brings.

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