The Ultimate Growroom Power Strip: Geeni Smart Surge Protector

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If you’re a regular visitor of NoSoilSolutions then you know I’m all about hydroponic gardening made easy. It wasn’t long after I started using the Geeni Smart Surge Protector to control my hydroponic grow tent that I knew I came across something pretty cool.

I’m excited to introduce and review, the Geeni Smart Surge Protector!

So, What Is The Geeni Smart Surge Protector?

The Geeni smart surge protector is a smart device that connects to your wifi network. After set up, you’re able to control the 6 outlets individually from anywhere using the Geeni phone app. In addition to being able to turn each outlet on and off, you can set each outlet on a timer to turn on or off or set the outlet to a specific daily schedule.

You can also connect the surge protector to your home hub and control it with your voice using Alex or Google Assistant, though I don’t have mine connected. I’ve read that other people have not had great luck with the voice feature and it does not control individual outlets at this time.

How I Use The Geeni Smart Surge Protector To Control & Automate My Hydroponic Garden

I use the Geeni surge protector to control all the different parts of my hydroponic grow tent. You can label each outlet in the app then set the outlet to how you want to control it. Below is a screenshot of my Geeni app and the connected parts of my grow tent.

Geeni smart surge protector app

Some items are set up to run continuously and can be turned off remotely via the app. In my grow tent, I have an Inkbird temperature controller that automatically turns on the heater when the temperature drops to a certain point. If it gets too hot an alarm goes off. When someone at home says they hear it I can check it and shut it down remotely. When I get a notification of things being too hot I can remotely turn on the ventilation or fan.

Some items, like grow lights and ventilation are set up on a schedule. This surge protector removes the need of having standalone timers and allows you to easily set up or change specific timers and individual schedules by outlet. The scheduling and timer abilities also come in handy for hydroponic systems like ebb and flow, in which you want to flood and drain the grow bed several times throughout the day at consistent intervals.

Geeni app schedule

What I like About The Geeni Surge Protector

hydroponic positive
  • Simple Set up

  • An extremely affordable way to automate your hydroponic garden

  • Ability to control garden multiple aspects of your hydroponic garden remotely

Drawbacks To The Geeni Surge Protector

hydroponic negative

  • No bluetooth control

  • Not as useful when lacking WiFi connection

  • Lackluster Voice control/ no individual outlet control with voice at this time.

Bottom Line

The Geeni Surge protector was an awesome buy and I’m lucky to have found it. Though not specifically made to automate hydroponic gardens it’s worked amazing for that purpose.

If you’re looking for a simple cost-efficient way to automate and remotely control your hydroponic garden, I would definitely recommend this product!

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