green aphids hydroponics

How To Rid Aphids From Your Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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Aphids are one of the more common pests you may run into when hydroponic gardening. Once established they can quickly take over. Luckily with some early action and a little work you can rid your garden of sap-sucking aphids.

Here’s to identify them and rid them from your indoor garden!

What Are Aphids?

Aphids are a tiny hydroponic pest reaching only about 1/8th of an inch full grown.  They come in a variety of colors, green, white, yellow, red, brown and black.

Aphids can be found in colonies, typically on the stem and underneath the leaves. They prefer the new growth, so they would rather hang out at the top of the plants and branches.

green aphids hydroponics

How Aphids Affect Your Hydroponic Garden

Aphids are sapsuckers, so they are there to go in buffet mode on your hydroponic garden. Their feeding can cause leaves to discolor, wilt, and curl. New shoots will look deformed and the plant will be stunted.

Aphids also harm your garden in less indirect ways. Their bite leaves an open wound on the plant, giving an open door Aphids leave behind a sugary waste called “honeydew” that attracts other pests like ants.

Here’s an interesting fact… Ants will actually protect and “farm” aphids for their honeydew. Crazy.

How To Save Your Hydroponic Garden From Aphids

Soapy spray

With small infestations, sometimes a soapy spray is all you need to rid your garden of aphids. You can mix up a batch or purchase some insect killing soap already mixed up.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is a plant safe organic option to ridding your hydroponic garden of aphids. Just mix with water in a spray bottle and use as a foliar spray.


If you have a heavy infestation you may want to step it up a notch with Azamax. The active ingredient in Azamax is a single compound that is also derived from the neem tree. It’s been found to work even better when used along with neem oil. It’s also foliar spray that is mixed with water.

Adding Lady Bugs Your Garden


Adding ladybugs to your hydroponic garden is probably the easiest and coolest way to rid your garden of aphids. Ladybugs and their larva love eating aphids and would be more than happy to do the work for you.

How To Prevent Aphids In Your Indoor Hydroponic Garden

When aphids show up, it’s usually from outside plants introduced to the garden. Before adding any plants from the outside, make sure to check them over for signs aphids or any other hydroponics pests. You can reduce the need for new plants by germinating seeds or cloning from within your garden.

Using a grow tent for your hydroponic garden creates a barrier keeping unwanted pests like aphids from visiting.


While aphids could ruin your hydroponic garden, with a little work you can save your plants. Due to how fast they reproduce, it’s really important to take action quickly.

By checking over your hydroponic garden regularly, you can spot aphids and other pest problems while they are easier to treat.

4 Answers

  1. Elizabeth
    September 21, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    I have an aphid infestation that keeps coming back. I spray with soapy water and have even thrown out the whole infested pant, washed out the container with hot soapy water and waited over a month before replanting. First infestation came after placing a soil plant next to my hydroponics for a few days. Every time I try to grow cilantro or arugula they pop up out of nowhere. Where could they be hiding for over a month without plants to feed on?

    1. NoSoilSolutions
      September 24, 2019 at 9:41 pm

      Hey Elizabeth!

      My guess would be they aren’t hiding for a month and instead finding their way in. I would recommend using a grow tent and not exposing your garden to outside plants to reduce your chances of pests making it in.

      It’s interesting they are attacking your cilantro as I’ve read it’s a good crop to grow to deter them. You may have to step up the attack a notch with some neem oil or if you have a large garden, lady bugs.

  2. Armelle
    February 9, 2021 at 5:41 pm

    I am struggling with an aphid infestation in our basement hydroponic garden. we tried neem oil, washing plants etc. we got rid of the cucumber plant that was infested and now they are in my lettuce. do I dump everything and start over? how do I prevent them? we have no plants coming in from outside. it is February in New England. Just us going into the basement.
    we currently have strawberries, lettuce, basil, cilantro, and on the other side of the room tomatoes. I did\tched the cucumbers.

    1. NoSoilSolutions
      February 25, 2021 at 8:10 pm

      If you have a lot growing that isn’t yet affected then I would consider removing the plants that are. In my opinion, I would rather have to restart the lettuce than the other types of plants. If some of the remedies you’re talking about using are not working I may try something a little more like Azamax or releasing some live lady bugs in your basement.

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