hydroponics can save you during a crisis.

Hydroponic Gardening Can Help You During A Crisis

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In times of unrest like these, we often realize how dependent we are on others for our necessities. Many have experienced shortages of different items. What if it became fresh food?

Sometimes hydroponics can begin to look like a life-saving way of life more than a hobby.

The Virus Pandemic Has Been A Reality Check For Everyone

Even early into the virus, we could tell that this was going to be a life-changer that many of us have never gone through. We’ve gone through hard times and tragedies but at nothing like this.

Usually, sports are used in tragic times to bring people together to bring some hope and normalcy. They literally canceled all sports seasons. No sports! In all seriousness though, there was one thing that alarmed me the most about the virus and that was the grocery store.

The first thing that happened during the pandemic was hoarding. There have been a couple of times already that I’ve had to go to the store multiple days in a row to see if something was in stock before finding it.

How Hydroponics Can Help You During A Crisis

There are many advantages to hydroponic gardening. The advantages I want to discuss in this article though are ones that could help you during a crisis.

hydroponics can save you during a crisis.

Access And Accessibility To Fresh Food

I’ll go out on a limb and say a majority of the U.S. citizens depend on grocery stores for all of their fresh produce. It makes sense. You can get everything easily for cheap and (almost) zero work. It’s convenient. But what if the healthy foods we want are not available to buy?

It can be scary to think about, but how many things could affect our food supply? People stocking up for a crisis will sell out shelves but there is still a somewhat steady supply of goods coming in. What if a crisis were to happen that affected the actual supply of food?

  • Weather/Climate Change
  • Natural Disaster
  • Major War
  • Crop Disease & Pests
  • Overworked Soil
  • Overpopulation

Is it likely? Maybe not. But would you have thought the world would shut down over a virus 2020? Take a look at the Google search result for “risk to world food supply” and you can see how fragile the whole system may be.

Many of us living in the U.S. forget that we are not immune to all problems others may experience in their countries, simply because of where we live.

Reducing Risk Of Exposure

Even if food is available it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to go get it. Whether it’s the risk of becoming infected with a virus or physical harm sometimes it can be unsafe to leave where you are.

Growing produce at home means you don’t have to leave not only your property but maybe even your house. Plants grown hydroponically grow faster and allow you to produce growing indoors compared to growing plants in dirt.

Sure, you can’t grow everything or as much as you could get from the store, but I think that would be the least of the worries if a major crisis is occurring.


While hydroponics may not be a long term solution to an ongoing world crisis, it can definitely protect you during brief times of unrest. Being able to not only garden at home but indoors with larger production makes you more self-sustainable which can in turn protect can help you during a crisis.

Interested in starting a hydroponics garden? Here’s how you can start a hydroponic garden in 7 easy steps!

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