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Top Cloning Systems For Hydroponic Hobbyists

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Plant clones are a great way to expand your hydroponic garden. Cloning is inexpensive, takes less time than starting from seed, and you also have a better idea of how the plant will produce. If you’re looking to start some clones you will need a hydroponic cloning system. If you’re not looking to make your own hydroponic cloner you’ll need to purchase one.

hydroponic clone with roots taken from a hydroponic cloning system

Hydroponic cloning systems make the process of starting clones extremely easy. When kept under the right conditions hydroponic cloning systems often have a 100% success rate.

Here are the top 5 hydroponic cloning systems for hydroponic hobbyists.

CLONE KING Aeroponic Cloning Machine

The Clone King aeroponic cloning machine is both the highest and most reviewed hydroponic cloning machine on Amazon.

This system is one of many on my list that uses aeroponics as its hydroponic method. The misters constantly mist the nutrient solution over the stem of the plant, keeping them moist to promote root shoots.

The Clone King is a 36 site system giving you plenty of flexibility in the number of clones you can start at a time.

The Clone King clone machine includes:

  • Reservoir with top
  • Foam inserts
  • Submersible 317GPH water pump
  • Spray Manifold with Misters

Hydrofarm OxyCLONE

The Oxyclone by Hydrofarm uses the deep water culture method to get clones shooting roots. Plant stems are submerged in the nutrient solution while an air stone provides oxygen bubbles to the stems.

I personally prefer DWC over aeroponic methods and would recommend it for beginners.  I find DWC systems a little less complex and easier to maintain.

The OxyClone cloning system can clone up to 20 clones at a time.

The Hydrofarm OxyClone hydroponic cloner includes:

  • Reservoir with top
  • Foam inserts
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Air stone and air hose

TurboKlone Cloning System

The TurboKlone is an aeroponic cloning system that comes as 24 or 48 site system.

It’s the only cloner on my list that comes with a dome to reduce plant shock.

The Turboklone has an attached fan that circulates air through the unit keeping the water cool. Its design is compact and curved making it easy to clean.

The TurboKlone cloning system includes:

  • Reservoir with top
  • Foam inserts
  • Submersible 317GPH water pump
  • Spray Manifold with Misters

Viagrow Clone Machine

The Viagrow clone machine also uses aeroponics to start as its method of starting clones. It’s a pretty standard aeroponic cloning system.

The one downfall to this clone machine is the misters may not reach the outside plants of larger root systems. For this reason, it’s my least favorite hydroponic cloner on my list.

While this can be an effective system and it can hold up to 24 plants, I would probably opt to spend a little more money on one the of systems above or save some money with the bucket cloner below.

The Viagrow Clone Machine includes:

  • Reservoir with top
  • Foam inserts
  • Submersible 317GPH water pump
  • Spray Manifold with Misters
  • Clonex

GrowBright OctoCloner 

The GrowBrigh OctoCloner is a classic hydroponic cloning system that you may be familiar with if you’ve been hobby hydroponic gardening for a while. This type of system used to be the go-to design for hobbyists looking to start hydroponic clones. This design in particular can clone up to eight plants at a time.

The PowerGrow Bucket hydroponic cloner includes:

  • Reservoir with top
  • Foam inserts
  • Submersible 250 GPH water pump
  • Spray misters


Hydroponic cloning systems are great tools for hydroponic hobbyists. They make adding or expanding your garden, cheap and easy. Not looking to spend a lot on a hydroponic cloning machine? Here’s an article I put together on how to build your own cheap DWC hydroponic cloner.

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